solar-powered music festival
JULY 7-8, 2018



WEAYAYA is Sioux for "setting sun" and symbolizes the
end of an era and the dawn of a new one.
To demonstrate the role of solar energy in fueling
this new reality, we have established a festival to promote
Alberta talent, and prove that solar technology is a viable
alternative to petroleum, coal, and nuclear energy.



Weayaya 2018

This little festival continues to gain momentum - so much positive energy and commitment to this project! Volunteers, performers and guests: thanks to all for your participation and enthusiasm!!

Artistic Director Shiv Shanks put together a stellar lineup - once again!-and Brent Tough provided the best sound ever!! All talent at Weayaya Solar Powered Music Festival must be Alberta based, including well-known artists, those on their way up, and newcomers. The addition of a "tweener stage" in 2017 provided the opportunity for emerging artists to perform, to say nothing of gaining the necessary time to set up main stage acts,ensuring that all goes as scheduled - and the music is non-stop!! Great idea, Shiv!

Volunteers are the most important part of this endeavour; it would be impossible without a fabulous crew who give so much of their time and work so hard to make it happen. Thank you all - you are amazing!

And many thanks again to all involved in helping this festival to survive - and grow!!

Festival passes are now available by e-transfer to  (see the Schedule page for details)nformation about this year's festival!



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