solar-powered music festival
JULY 6-7, 2019

About Us

2019 will be the seventh anniversary of the Weayaya Solar Powered Music Festival. The event has grown from a “party in the yard” in 2013 to—as Randi Bolton said when she performed in 2017—"the best kept little secret." It is, indeed, an intimate, family-friendly and community-minded event. We became a registered society in September 2018, making application for funding possible in the near future.

Changing the days of the festival from Friday/Saturday to Saturday/Sunday in 2017 proved to be a very good idea, and exciting changes in format are planned for 2019. Enthusiasm for this event, and commitment to its continued success are essential to this endeavour - thanks to all volunteers, performers and guests: it couldn't happen without you!

Donors and sponsors have contributed so much: CBI Solar has presented various applications of solar technology since 2016, and in 2018, brought their "solar sea can" to showcase an off-grid system—wow!—you guys are awesome!!


Great food to nourish volunteers and performers throughout the weekend is a top priority at Weayaya. Thanks to Big Bend Market for the super deluxe meat and cheese tray, and to Triple A Legacy Farms for the scrumptious smokies. Also to the volunteers who contribute their time and ingredients to prepare meals in advance of the event and a special thanks to K and A for the outrageously delicious bonus.


The silent auction was very successful, thanks to donors Holly's Greenhouse, Andrea McFadden, Bryan Wiese, Tony DeDecker, Gloria Nesbit, Allan Hunt, Whitgan Creations, and Nawrot Honey


Local artist Gloria Nesbit  was on-site, creating a painting of Weayaya 2018, which was given away to a festival attendee—so generous!

Photo credits: Heather Doy and Aaron Toy - not only covering so many bases on the weekend, but putting in many extra hours post-festival! You're the best!!


Thanks to Wiese Farm and Daryl Palanuik for picking up the pieces! And to Special Event Rentals in Red Deer (saved our bacon—literally!!)


The CKUA Radio Network has been involved with this project since 2012 - the support and encouragement Weayaya has received is phenomenal—can't possibly thank you enough.


And for providing the "music in the meadow": this would not be happening without Shiv Shanks, Artistic Director. He has brought amazing artists and invaluable input to Weayaya - don't know where we would be without his dedication to this project, it is something to be truly grateful for. In addition to booking stellar talent, Shiv has found the sound man to make the magic happen—hats off to Brent Tough!! Because the festival is not genre-specific, Brent gets to deal with a whole lot of interesting stuff on very short notice, and he aces it every time—kudos!


On-site volunteers keep things running smoothly, making it seem like we are actually organized—no small feat! Responses to questionnaires enclosed in 2018 programmes proved that they do an awesome job!! But it is much more than the festival weekend—site crews are busy as soon as weather permits in the spring preparing for the event. These folks  are the unsung heroes; their hard work and dedication build the framework for Weayaya. Sadly, what goes up, must come down, and  cleanup crew is probably the worst job ever—extra thanks to those who have taken that on.


And to all the artists who have appeared since 2013: the variety and quality of music you have brought to Weayaya is amazing, and your enthusiasm and support of this festival is unbelievable—you are making a dream come true!


So many thanks to all—you are the wind beneath our wings!

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