solar-powered music festival
JULY 7-8, 2018

About Us


"...we should spend every spare dollar on developing ourselves as a new energy province, so that when the time comes...we can be ready."
- Corb Lund (Alberta Views, October 2011)*

That was a few years ago folks. The recent decline in activity in the oil and gas sector of our economy points to the need to change our focus on energy production.

The key for Alberta is to be a NEW energy province. For the past sixty plus years, Alberta has been hailed as a major energy producer. But our potential does not end with oil, gas and coal - we need to change the source of our electrons. We need to change NOW.

WEAYAYA is Sioux for "setting sun" and symbolizes the end of an era and the dawn of a new. To demonstrate the role of solar energy in fueling this new reality, we have established a festival to promote Alberta talent, and prove that solar technology is a viable alternative to petroleum, coal, and nuclear energy.

Music is an integral part of the concept of Weayaya: it possesses the ability to draw souls together; it inspires, uplifts, rejuvenates, and gives us the courage to move forward. We hope to harness the power of music with the power of the sun to unite pioneering spirit with native stewardship to provide the impetus for change. As Pete Seeger said, "there is a lot of good music in this world and if used right, it may help to save the planet."

* "The Long View" by Shannon Phillips

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