solar-powered music festival
JULY 8-9, 2017



WEAYAYA is Sioux for "setting sun" and symbolizes the
end of an era and the dawn of a new one.
To demonstrate the role of solar energy in fueling
this new reality, we have established a festival to promote
Alberta talent, and prove that solar technology is a viable
alternative to petroleum, coal, and nuclear energy.



Weayaya 2016 Recap

Weayaya is growing!! Shiv Shanks volunteered to be our Musical Director in 2016, and introduced "tweeners" into the line up, as well as finding awesome headliners. This is a huge job,and we are so grateful to Shiv for taking it on! The stage crew who repositioned main stage and made the tweener stage happen are to be congratulated - thank you all so much!

The energy and commitment volunteers have brought to the festival is beyond amazing: to the crew who have been on board since the beginning, and to all the phenomenal new recruits -can't thank you enough! Not only for your hard work on the festival, but for all the effort put into the events hosted by W.S.P.M.F in 2015/16 ( Hallowe'yaya with Wild Rose Roulette, Chili with Charlie - a 50's Fiesta with Charlie Jacobson Band and Tyson Prior, and house concerts with Amy Thiessen and Justine Vandergrift). Thanks to all who made these evenings so fantastic!!

Heartfelt appreciation to all those who have contributed in so many ways to make Weayaya a reality, from food donations to band sponsorships: Jacy's House of Hair, Drink Visual Design, Wiese Farm, Carbon Bite Innovations, CanMasters, to Curtis for stepping in to take over the sound at the last minute, and to CKUA Radio Network for all you do for us!!

Weayaya 2017 will be the best ever!!



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